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'Tis the Season... well, it isn't, but I have postal deadlines to contend with. - The Sewing Circle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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'Tis the Season... well, it isn't, but I have postal deadlines to contend with. [Nov. 2nd, 2006|09:22 pm]
The Sewing Circle


It's getting toward That Time Of Year again... when I try to think what to give my family for Appropriate Seasonal Gifts they'll like without spending an absolute fortune. The last two years, I've made biscuits (tasty but they always arrive in crumbs) and chocolate-coated fruit (the apricots and ginger are always a big hit). The advantages are that I get most things done in one evening, I get to eat the leftovers, and it doesn't cost much. The disadvantage is that shortbread is expensive to post. This year I'm looking for something a little lighter.

A thing I did one particularly skint year in Canada was to buy sheets of beeswax and some candle wicks and roll it into candles. This is very easy, nowhere near as messy as pouring paraffin candles, great for your skin, cheap, and fun. I think in this country I'll probably have to order the beeswax online ahead of time; if enough people are interested, I could perhaps do some sort of bulk order.

Another thing I want to do, so it doesn't look like everyone is getting the same present, is to sew some small, stuffed decorations (christmas and otherwise). I'd make them out of fabric I already have, or possibly buy some of the remnants from fabric shops when I'm searching for other things. I'd probably incorporate some of my existing beads as well, since I seem to have rather more than I need.

Who'd be up for a decoration-sewing/candle-rolling evening?

What is your favourite quick and easy craft project? Why?

[User Picture]From: ali_in_london
2006-11-03 08:55 am (UTC)
I'd be interested in a decoration-sewing evening. Would also be interest in making edible decorations.

Not made them for years, but crackers (of any size) are a great way of packaging up lots of little presents for someone. Can also just make them for general "at the dinnertable" use and fill them with better things than the usual shop-bought ones. Lots of craft shops sell snaps, and they don't take much effort to put together and you can fill them with anything!
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